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This game is the first of a series of short-stories, each focusing on different characters.

The short stories are inspired by a novel written by me, each introducing character backgrounds.

This one is about Rilris, a boy who lives in a not so developed town with his sister and his father. Cornered by the abuse of his father, unable to go to the police, he wants to look for a way out of his situation. Then he meets the new guy who just moved into town... Ray.

The game is 10-15 minutes long with two endings, both endings have two different versions.
There is not much gameplay as it's solely story driven.

For those who played Crimson Light, this was made prior to that, but chronologically its way later. I will not expand on the story of this short because of its length.
I've decided to upload it here too because I plan to collectively have all my projects here.

Install instructions

Extract the file and play


The Crimson Mind.exe 250 MB

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