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This game is the third and last entry of a the “Crimson” series, which is about three separate characters. Chronologically this is after “Light” and before “Mind”. It is far from being ready but a playable demo is out. 


The story is about a girl called Naokee. She’s forced to become an assassin after being taken from her place of origin, which happens to be where Crimson Light’s events took place. As time goes on, she encounters people who are like her and willing to help her break free and learn the truth, as the technologically advancing city is slowly thrown into chaos. 

You’re trying to take her towards the end result you see fit, as you can influence aspects of her personality so she prioritizes certain things over others. There is no good or bad ending, there’s only action and consequence. The connection to her can only be severed by death. 

Game features: 
- Dark, futuristic atmosphere accompanied by a dark story 
- Endings based on player choice. 
- About 3 hours for the “main” story; more if side-quests are perused 
- Assassination System - Avoid direct confrontation by Assassinating enemies. 
- Challenging Combat.. not the cheap kind, only sometimes, promise. 
- Forming Naokee’s personality/attitude through choice 
- A combo based turn battle system 

Install instructions

If it crashes at any point saying "Cache" something, redownload and reinstall, not with the app.


Crimson Shift.exe 452 MB

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