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The story is about a girl called Naokee. She's forced to become an assassin after being taken from her place of origin. As time goes on, she encounters people who are willing to help her break free and learn the truth, as the technologically advancing city is slowly thrown into chaos.

You're trying to take her towards the end result you see fit, as you can influence aspects of her personality so she prioritizes certain things over others. There is no good or bad ending, there's only action and consequence. The connection to her can only be severed by death.

The game is a sci-fi, fast paced, turn-based RPG where split-second decisions can decide a fight. Utilizing the combo-system of the game, the player is allowed to gain significant advantage over the enemy, but one wrong move and everything can go wrong.
As for the non-combat part of the game, the player has to make decisions to drive the game forward, and the ending is decided based on those decisions.

Game features:
- Fast paced turn based battles. 
- Combat based on combo system. 
- Dark, futuristic atmosphere accompanied by a dark story
- Multiple Endings based on player choice.
- Assassination System - Avoid direct confrontation by Assassinating enemies.
- Challenging, unique combat
- Forming Naokee's personality/attitude through choice


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Crimson Shift

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