A downloadable game for Windows

This game is the second entry of a series of short-stories about different

characters from the same world.


A peaceful, isolated village turns into one girl's nightmare as she awakens from her slumber to find herself separated from her beloved sister.

Join Unelma Cerdess as she wanders through the village while gradually uncovering the truth about its tragic fate.

This psychological thriller takes place in the same universe as "The Crimson Mind", though the timelines vary.

It is part of the series of short stories which lead up to my final project.

Game features:

- Dark atmosphere accompanied by a dark story

- Multiple endings based on choices made (make sure to collect all 4 diary flashbacks to unlock a post-credits cutscene!)

- Stealthy gameplay surrounding a Fear system

- Doesn't feature combat, character-driven

- About 45-60 minutes length of gameplay

Published Sep 26, 2016
GenreRole Playing, Survival
TagsMystery, RPG Maker, Survival Horror


Crimson Light.exe 250 MB


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Pretty fun!


thanks a lot :D